Racing Hearts

Racing Hearts by Nova Rain
Published February 19, 2020
Steamy/Romantic Suspense/Medical Drama
Synopsis –
A bold and
beautiful street racer. A doctor dedicated to helping anyone…no matter the

A collision of
worlds that sends sparks flying.

Monica races into
my life on squealing tires and in a 
cloud of smoke.

She’s a risk-taker
and a criminal, one who can’t seem to keep from injuring herself at every turn.

The oath I took
when I became a doctor means I can’t turn her away.

The rapid beating
of my heart whenever she’s around begs me to pull her closer.

It’s an attraction
neither of us can fight.

But things aren’t
always what they appear, and her secrets only drag me deeper into a world I’m
wholly unprepared for.

What am I willing
to risk for a woman who risks everything?
Author Bio:
Nova Rain is an
International, Bestselling Romance Author who has a love for creating wondrous,
passionate romantic novels with as many twists and turns as a rollercoaster.

Nova was born in
North Carolina, but spent a lot of time in Paris, the city of love. As a young
adult, Nova always found herself daydreaming and fantasizing about being swept
off her feet by a strong, rough bachelor with rock-hard abs and a heart of
gold. A man that would fight for her to the ends of the earth and have only
eyes for her. An accidental romance that would have them yearning for each
other, yet too stubborn to admit it. She expresses these fantasies in her
bestselling series Mob Ties.

When she’s not
locked in her room creating magical novels, Nova spends her time traveling the
world with her husband and three children, visiting historic landmarks and