Elon: Journey to Truth

Elon: Journey to Truth
Published June 5, 2019 by Foster Embry Publishing
Elon Book 1
Synopsis – 
Only by embracing her diversity will Elon find her true strength.

Pulled from her slumber by an empathic species hidden deep in the mountains, Elon realizes change looms on the horizon. Within days, a savage race of vamphyres emerges, bringing devastation to the inhabitants of the settlement she calls home. As Elon tries to stem the bloodshed, the purpose of her midnight visitation becomes clear.

Thrust into an unknown destiny, facing growing powers even she does not understand, Elon follows the unbidden path set before her. When a magic basin leads her to a hidden city of dwarves, she learns she must rely on the strength of her diverse heritage in order to defeat the rising evil engulfing her once peaceful home.

Will she succeed in uniting the planet’s warring species in time or will she sacrifice part of herself in order to preserve her world?
About the Author:
Isabella Adams lives and works on the Gulf Coast of Florida with her three children, husband, and their dog, Isaac. The setting for Never Enough, Tarpon Springs, inspires Isabella every day as she works within the community. Gossip, food, and family dysfunction color her daily events and form the basis for the Markos Mystery series. One of the largest Greek-American communities in the United States, Tarpon Springs never fails to provide colorful fodder for Isabella’s next manuscript. Afharisto! (Thank you, in Greek-ish).
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I attempted to keep my face neutral but failed. My annoyance with his declaration that vamphyres were “creatures” crept into my tone. “Vamphyres are not all bad, you know.”His eyes narrowed. “They cannot be trusted.”

Ignoring the obvious irony of the moment, I shrugged. “It’s true they mostly look out for their own, but the sects are solitary. You can’t lump this particular bloodsucker in with the rest of the vamphyre population. It’s not fair.”

I knew it was useless. Too many times I had attempted to correct their misconceptions and too many times they continued to ignore logic. I mentally reviewed my usual lecture: the behavior of a vamphyre is dictated by many factors, as it is in all other genetic groups. It also makes a difference if one is born with the altered genetics, as I was, or became vamphyric by acquiring the virus. For some reason, the acquired virus interacts poorly with already established genetic codes and causes more aberrant behavior.

When I give this well-rehearsed speech, I often receive a comment about how all vamphyres should be locked away to avoid contaminating “normal people.” I remind those listening that the virus is transmitted via bodily fluids and is not contagious through casual contact, reminding them, once again, that being a vamphyre is not abnormal, just different.

Still, I couldn’t blame the townspeople for their fear. They had, after all, lost loved ones to some of the night-sick vamphyres. They watched the virus take hold, which happened anywhere from a few days to a few months after infection. The time it took for changes to occur—light sensitivity, elongated canine teeth, inability to create hemoglobin to carry oxygen—depended on the host’s individual DNA. Soon, however, the repair mechanisms of the infected individual’s body became nearly flawless. Yet despite this newly acquired ability to regenerate, they lost the ability to be out during daylight. In addition, an occasional blood meal became necessary for their survival. Other than that, though, they could live forever.

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