Review: FLAVOR OF THE DAY by Mellanie Szereto

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Normally, I’m not a fan of conflict-through-a-series-of-misunderstandings stories. This story gives the early impression that it’s one of those, but eventually we find out the misunderstandings are not the conflict. Not by a long shot .

The heroine is as messed-up as they come due to past trauma. She has anxiety attacks that are perfectly justifiable from this trauma. She’s also quick to assume and has a temper that only a fellow Italian can identify with. In other words, I totally get her. 🙂

The hero has his own demons and past trauma to deal with. He hides this behind a bad boy persona and a history of no-strings-attached flings. But when he realizes he’s made a mistake, he’s quick to own up to it. Or rather, he would be quick to own up to it if the heroine would let him have his say-so without throwing things at him.

Both of them are hot-tempered and trying to solve their issues with sex instead of conversation. Afterward, they leave (aka run away) and it’s frustrating as hell watching them. However, as the story progresses, their journey becomes satisfying and rich because they are such complex and interesting characters.

I love this entire series, and this addition to it doesn’t disappoint. I don’t like to give spoilers in reviews, but stick with this one because the resolution of the conflict, and the ensuing romance, are well worth it.

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