Review: DESIRE: Determination Trilogy Book #3 by Lesli Richardson

I have to be honest and say I did not like Christopher at first in Book #1. He finally grew on me in Book #2, and now in Book #3 we are treated to an in-depth understanding of why he is the way he is. And of course it makes sense.

Lesli Richardson isn’t only a super talented author and one of my dearest friends. She lives the BDSM lifestyle. She understands it in a way I never will. So when she writes a character like this, I know she has a reason for doing so, and I trust her to eventually reveal it.

She’s giving us a glimpse into the psychological aspect of the BDSM lifestyle. One we aren’t likely to find in most books, because most BDSM fiction is written by authors who never take this kind of time and care to not only entertain, but educate.

This book is the conclusion of the trilogy, but it’s not the conclusion to the overarching story because there’s another spin-off trilogy coming in April! HOORAY!

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