Review: DILIGENCE: Determination Trilogy Book #2 by Lesli Richardson

This is the second book in the Determination Triology, and picks up where book #1 left off, telling the continuing story through ShaeLynn’s POV. But Kevin’s and Christopher’s stories are interwoven, so we also learn more about each of them.

I like this triad’s overarching story better than the one in the Governor Trilogy, although those books are wonderful, too. But there’s just something about this threesome that makes me care more. I think it’s because they’re so complex and have such parallels in their pasts. They’re able to connect to each other in a way only those who have suffered in kind can understand.

And of course, none of that would mean anything if Lesli Richardson didn’t have the talent to bring all that to light. It’s so refreshing to read a series where I’m not skimming, or yelling at the characters to stop acting like spoiled teens.

Can’t wait to dive into book #3!

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