Review: DIGNITY: Determination Triology Book #1 by Lesli Richardson

I’ve been a fan of Lesli Richardson aka Tymber Dalton for a very long time, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Governor trilogy. But this surpasses that, and surpasses anything of Lesli’s/Tymber’s I have read to date. I cannot wait to delve into book two of this trilogy.

It isn’t completely necessary that you first read the Governor trilogy before reading this book, but I would highly recommend it. There is background information in that trilogy that will help you better understand and appreciate the three main characters in this one.

It’s the storyline here that pulled me in and kept me wanting more. Sure, you have plenty of hot, kinky, fun play and sex, but it was wanting to know what happened to these three outside the bedroom that had me devouring this book. This isn’t simply another political romance. It’s an epic saga, and I can’t wait to continue it in book two – Diligence.

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