Review: PRETTY WILD THING: A Standalone Pretty Broken Novel by Jeana E. Mann

I thought this might be Tucker and Sydney’s story but instead Sydney has broken Tucker’s heart by marrying the co-star her studio wanted her to, without telling Tucker about it or why she felt she had to do it. Good riddance to her then!

Instead, it’s Tucker and Fallon’s story. Love that name – Fallon. You don’t see it very often in books.

There are a lot of things about this one I really love. The fact that the build-up is slow but still very sexy. And Tucker. How could anyone not fall in love with him? He’s the perfect hero.

I was afraid for a while he wouldn’t have his closure with Sydney so was very glad when he finally did. I also love that Fallon had the chance to speak with her alone as well.

My only complaint? It ended too quickly! I wanted more of them. And now I’m off to read Pretty Broken Promises because it appears Sam and Dakota have another book! Hooray!

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