REVIEW: Pretty Dirty Secrets: A Standalone Pretty Broken Novel by Jeana E. Mann

The start of this book was slower than Pretty Broken Girl or Pretty Filthy Lies. It was hard for me to warm up to Venetia as a person. We didn’t see much of her in PBG or PFL, and what we did see was very unlikable. That changes quickly as the story moves forward.

The combination of her tough facade hiding such vulnerability inside was intoxicating. And I LOVED how Beckett wanted to change for her. I also loved how the author kept up the sexual tension between them as they worked out what they were going to do. I don’t like to give away plot details in reviews, so I’ll just say I also loved how the author treated this very worn trope by putting a fresh spin on it. We never really knew how this couple would work it out until the end.

I also wondered early into the book if Venetia was Maxwell’s real daughter, and the author kept us guessing for a while about that one as well.

As I said, it took me a while to get into this one, but once I did, I couldn’t stop reading. I also love how we get to know more about Tucker, and Venetia’s best friend Sydney, as well. I hope they have a book waiting for me to read!

Like the first two in this series I read, Pretty Broken Girl and Pretty Filthy Lies, I didn’t want this one to end. I am, however, still waiting for Maxwell to get what’s coming to him! LOL!

Now on to book #4 – Pretty Wild Thing…

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