Erin’s Lazy R Men by Eileen Green

 Erin’s Lazy R Men – 13th book of the Men of Montana series

by Eileen Green

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Menage Romance, Reverse Harem, M/F/M/M/M/M, HEA]

Erin Masters took the job at the Tipsy Tavern because she needed the work, but also to have time for herself. Nobody knew about the secret she had at home, not even the owner or previous manager, and she prayed no one ever would.

The five men from the Lazy R had fallen head over heels for Erin a year ago. Danny Newton, Ozzie Luna, JR Littleton, Tyler Adams, and Benny Adler knew they wanted her in their lives forever and would spend practically every night off trying to convince her to give them a chance. However, how could they do that when she shot them down at every turn?

When her secret is revealed, the men are shocked as are the people closest to her. Will they be able to finally claim their woman and protect her from her secret? Will Erin actually accept anyone’s help, or will she push them away as usual?

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About The Author:

Eileen Green, writes erotic romance novels interlaced with intrigue, and occasionally, shape-shifters.

When asked how long she has been writing, Eileen answers, since the 7th grade, a long time ago.  Her English teacher, Mrs. Weekes saw potential in the student who began to dabble in writing.  Eventually, marriage, kids, and then single motherhood came along, and her writing took a backseat as life does when faced with obstacles.

The writing continued even though page after page sat in boxes or on the computer, waiting for the day they would be allowed to be free to tell their stories.

Life dealt a cruel twist to her family and friends.  The lesson learned was to not live with regrets.  She began to write again looking for the right path to go down.

Her first erotic romance novel came from a dare and Lyndee’s Saviors was written.  Now, under Eileen Green, there are two series, Men of Montana and The Tundra Protectors, and the beginning of a third, Tiger’s Lair, which is a spin-off of Men of Montana.   A couple of stand-alone books are included in her menagerie of books.  

Romance stories with happily-ever-after endings are her favorite, making sure she writes them because every romance needs to end with all characters being forever in love.

Eileen divides her time between Washington and California, although she really loves Washington.  The beauty there providing a welcome backdrop to write.

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