Koivu by Laurie Olerich

Book title:  Koivu (Demons After Dark Book Three)

Series title: Demons After Dark

Genre: Paranormal romance

Release date: October 12, 2017



Introducing the Demons after Dark series! It’s hot paranormal romance featuring unlikely alpha heroes who will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Known as Trinity demons, this band of brothers was stripped of their powers and violently exiled from Hell. Forced to live as humans, they’re left with no power and no weapons while a secret society quietly plots Lucifer’s demise. For these big, bad demons, adjusting to life as a human is, well, harder than Hell!


Former Hell’s Fury champion, Koivu, is desperate to return to Hell to reclaim his title and stolen life. As an extreme athlete, he had fame, glory, and more pleasure than he probably deserved. He was a freakin’ rock star! Being exiled in a broken human body is his worst nightmare. Stripped of his powers and unable to fight, he’s consumed by frustration, counting the seconds until he can go home. His future looks bleak until he meets a sexy, soft-hearted physical therapist who heals much more than his shoulder.


Physical therapist Micki Glass knows something about damaged people. She’s been struggling to get over her ex for three long years when this crazy man crashes into her life. He’s crude and intense but irresistibly charming. With his feral eyes and sexy smile, Koivu takes her on a sensual joyride that makes her feel like a woman again. As their affair heats up, she craves him like oxygen until she discovers what he really is. With more than her heart on the line, can she accept his past and love him for who he is now?


The day of reckoning is looming closer and the sacrifices have begun. Can Koivu stop the murders, find the rest of the Trinity, and convince the woman he loves to give him another chance?


Warning: This story contains intensely hot sex, an irresistibly-damaged hero, and a damsel with a steel backbone. Have a box of tissues handy. The author takes no responsibility for missed work or grouchiness from lack of sleep.


Excerpt One:

“If you take off the blindfold, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.” He tapped her arm with something narrow, icy, and hard. “Feel that? That’s my toy for tonight.” He skimmed it across her belly and asked, “Does it scare you?”

Goosebumps followed the cold, pebbling her skin. Her pulse soared. Her voice turned breathless. “Yes.”

“It should.” He leaned in, stroking her lips with the tip of his tongue, licking at her, coaxing her to open for him. When she did, he plunged his tongue into her mouth, stroking rhythmically until she forgot all about fear. Breaking off the kiss, he gently caressed her cheek with the toy. She tensed up again, but he reclaimed her mouth in another blistering kiss. Pulling away at last, he said, “I swear I won’t damage you. Will you trust me, baby?”

“For now.”

“Sit back against the headboard, bend your legs and spread them wide.”


Excerpt Two:

“Yo, asshole! Let her go!” Koivu roared. He helped the guy let go of Micki by twisting his arm behind his back like a chicken wing. Walking him towards the exit, he missed the door and accidently-on-purpose slammed the guy’s face into the doorjamb once or maybe twice or possibly three times before his nose decided to bleed and Micki started shrieking in his ear.

“Koivu! Stop it!” She tugged on his arm, her delicate hands barely noticeable. “You’re hurting him!”

“And?” he asked. What was her point? “He was hurting you. It seems fair.”

The guy—whatever his name was—was busy trying to twist out of Koivu’s hold without breaking his own arm. Koivu simply jacked his elbow a bit higher and the struggles stopped.

She threw up her hands in exasperation and cried hoarsely, “Let him go! I just want him to leave. Okay?”

“You sound terrible. Didn’t the doctor tell you to take it easy today? Yelling your head off can’t be helping your sore throat.” He felt compelled to point that out since she wasn’t following the doctor’s orders.

The guy turned his head in her direction and restarted the argument Koivu heard through the door. “Is this him? Is this the guy you’re fucking?”

“And what if he is? It’s none of your damn business, Jake. You’ve got your life and I’ve got mine. Just stay away.” She blinked back tears and pointed at the door. “Please. Just stay away.”

Jake opened his trap to say something else, but Koivu was fresh out of interest. Micki was trying to keep it together, but she was shaking like a leaf, and he’d seen the tears she tried to hide. Time to end this bullshit. He jerked Jake around and shoved him through the open doorway onto the front porch. Before he dumped him into the yard, he bent closer to warn, “Come near my girl again and I’ll break you in half. Understand?”


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